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Speed limit too high, often intimidating drivers when cycling over this bridge.

Pavement far too narrow - widen. Cycle lane needed. Far too much traffic along this road.

Provision for safe cycling required along Chartridge Lane.

Provision for cyclists required along St Mary's Way.

Footpath not maintained properly for years. Hedges should be cut right back to footpath boundary. This footpath is important for school walkers.

Very narrow pavement. Heavy traffic for 3 schools. Pavement should be wider. Zebra crossings added.

Cycle lanes needed. Vehicles constantly parked on pavements.

Cycle lanes needed & traffic calming needed.

Missing bridge here needs replacing to give access to towpath from north side of canal

Closed off former road is now unmaintained and made intimidating by rubbish bins and parked vehicles from adjacent caravan site, and a variety of unsightly barriers. Could be a useful traffic-free route. Access needs clearing and making mor ... [more]

Speed too high! Unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to cross from Magpie Ln to Bottrells Ln. Reduce Speed to 30 mph for sections. Install Zebra / Cycling Crossing.

Build Dutch style protected roundabout, with pedestrian / cyclist priority. Look at the example built in Cambridge.

Build Dutch style protected roundabout, with pedestrian / cyclist priority. Look at the example built in Cambridge.

Build Dutch style protected roundabout, with pedestrian / cyclist priority. Look at the example built in Cambridge.

Don't bother with trying to put in a cycleway that has the right gradients, just allow this path to be used (see someone else's pin). Very important to be able to get from the new housing on the top of the hill into town and vv. Even if it ... [more]

Need to keep this path swept, and allow cycling along the campus road, as this path is too narrow.

This is a very unpleasant underpass. Can't do anything about the width, but could do something to the lighting. It should be a key way for people north of the railway to walk down to the Rye for recreation.

Somehow do something to this corner to give pedestrian priority to people walking along church street into castle street - a key railway station /town centre route.

The path stops here. Not much use unless you are abled bodied and have your boots on!

Someone has put in a pin suggesting improving cycling along valley road. An alternative is to bring a cycleway through the park. The park is inaccessible to all but the able bodied, so it could be incorporated into a wider plan to add some ... [more]

This footpath could be improved and become part of a cycling superhighway all the way up to Downey, and then along the common to naphill/walters ash. Difficult decision how to get from here into town esp avoiding going up to the manor and d ... [more]

This might be seen as quite controversial, as this is a lovely quiet footpath that feels timeless. but its only good if you have walking boots on, so of little use. It could be paved and become a cycling/footpath 'superhighway' into town? M ... [more]

Regularly sweep this path to keep it as wide as it can be, and then allow cycling along it. OK so they will have to carry their bikes down the steps to Priory Road, but it would be a great way to get people to bike-commute into town

Interesting there is no button for 'disabled improvement' or similar name. There is a dropped kerb on one side of this junction, but not the other.

Deal with pavement parking here. This comment applies to nearly every footpath in the town. Pavements are now seen as places to park, and not to walk. This needs to be addressed if people are going to be able to walk safely

Improve this path to an all weather surface and widen to allow for cycling too.

Need to improve this 'crossing' for the footpath. Could be an easy way for people to get out into the countryside, but getting from the pavement to the road is difficult, and crossing the road has poor visibility. ideally have a central ped ... [more]

Better access needed into the park, and when you are in the park you need some paths to walk on without needing to put on your wellies. the park is inaccessible to all but the able bodied. (not too many paths - may be just round the edge an ... [more]

Need a crossing here to give a good safe pedestrian route from the new extracare etc dev, into town centre, down temple end.

Improve the surface to allow it to be walked in normal shoes, as a walk commuting route into the town centre, in summer at least - would need lighting for use in the winter, which would be even better

Regular path sweeping and trimming vegetation to allow people to walk in 'normal' shoes

Regular street cleaning after clearing back overgrowth. sadly probably can't be widened. but part of cycle superhighway to the two schools

Widen these paths to allow for cycling - part of possible cycle superhighway to the schools on the hill

Need to remake the steps with a channel to push your bike up the side. This could be part of a 'supercycleway' to the two grammar schools on the hill

Widen footpath and allow/enourage cycling by the way Newfield Rd and Victoria Rd

Provide surface, cycle friendly gates and allow/encourage cycling

Convert to footway/cyclepath

Add ramp to enable cycles to be wheeled over the bridge, connecting to cycleways at either end

Widen narrow footpath and convert to bridleway

Surface of Bowden Lane in v poor condition - prime route for cyclists from Wye Dene

Footway on eastern side is used for cycling up hill, separate from fast moving traffic, but badly needs resurfacing

Convert to bridleway, and widen path

Convert old railway line to footpath/cyclepath

Safe pedestrian crossing or red refuge needed here

The whole of the A404 from Hazlemere to Amersham is full of busy, high speed traffic and feels dangerous. A well-maintained, separate cycle lane both ways would greatly aid cyclists travelling to and from Amersham and commuting into Londo ... [more]

A dedicated cycle path from Hughenden Valley into High Wycombe would mean that my family and I would cycle into town rather than drive. It is currently far too fast a road to cycle along with my daughters and I wouldn’t feel safe. As they ... [more]

Pavement needs to be made dual use. The surface needs repair and bushes need clearing back.

No safe or wide access for cyclists to travel to Uxbridge from Slough , or from Uxbridge to Slough. Would be used by commuters on what is a busy route

Continuous pavement needed up the hill on this road.

Trying to cycle up a steep hill needs a cycle lane or at least a guaranteed pavement to be able to dismount and walk if it gets too much.

Traffic lights need to allow longer for people to cross, especially with many elderly using this crossing to get to the park.

Cars continuously use the bus and cycle lane, often in the wrong direction, speed camera definetly needed

Needs a pathway next to the steps to be able to push bike up

Widen pavement between Parkwood Junction and Lacey Green.

Cycleway needed for whole length, but especially between Bradenham Beeches and New Road for the high number of RAF personnel who cycle to work.

Shared cycleway from Parkwood to Greenwood needs to be extended along New Road to Kilnwood.

Too many use Hughenden Ave as speeding rat run... does this need to be a through road here on the steep part?

Pavement needed from South Close roundabout to Danesfield School (at points following the Public Footpath). Ideally this would continue along to the Harleyford junction and then into Marlow.

Cyclists heading into town struggle here. Suggest head-start traffic lights for cyclists to allow them to start up the hill and across the three lanes to turn right at the next one way system.

This new layout is ill-conceived as it may calm and reduce emphasis on motor traffic but does nothing for cyclists. The lanes are too narrow for cars to pass cyclists with sufficient space and motorists still attempt to squeeze past. Not ... [more]

Pave the path going up the hill to make it easier for cyclists. Put in calming measures to stop cyclists going downhill too fast.

Cars regularly use the one-way bus and cycle lane, sometimes in the wrong direction! You could make a fortune by erecting a traffic camera!!

Incredibly dangerous cycle path. Motorists don't indicate when turning off the main road. The whole junction layout needs to be rethought as a lot more traffic uses Frogmoor compared to when the junction was designed.

Traffic calming measures required to prevent rat-run and stop drivers speeding.

There’s is no cycle way on Marlow hill and it is a very busy road both in and out of the town.

There is no cycle way on this hill and it is a dangerous road.

There needs to be a pavement between Daws Hill and Flackwell Heath. It would encourage walking and it would allow the college students to make their way into town and get some exercise.

There needs to be dropped kerbs to enable crossing from just below station to opposite side of Amersham Hill

A wider, seperate cycle path between Bourne End & Marlow would be great for the communities.

Put segregated cycle lanes on London Road- or even better a sewerage cycle track through the Rye into the town centre or station

Narrow path on bridge (1.1m), pedestrians have to step into road sometimes, plus conflicts with traffic passing very close to pavement. Part of key route to station and town centre.

Proper cycle infrastructure needed around Wexham Park Hospital. Lanes on roundabout are too wide. Cycle & pedestrian priority needed.

Shared cycleway between Aylesbury & Berryfields& a poor effort - too narrow in places, no priority over side roads. Improvement needed.

Enclosed cycle lanes & cycle priority needed on roundabout.

Speed limit too high, enclosed cycle lane required.

Improved cycleway for commuting trips from Wendover. Footpath route not suitable except for slow leisure trips. Improvements at junctions needed.

Traffic calming needed, proper cycleway needed. This road could even have a cycle/pedestrian/bus gate - cars could use Knaves Beech Way.

This footpath is potentially useful for those wishing to avoid the narrow London Road pavements, but it is blocked by a high fence here, requiring an inconvenient detour.

This footpath is potentially useful for those wishing to avoid the narrow London Road pavements, but it is blocked by a high fence here, requiring an inconvenient detour.

The new road layout now means cyclists have to move to the right hand lane to go straight on towards Loudwater. This is dangerous and does not allow for a safe ride at this junction.

The new road layout now means cyclists have to move to the right hand lane to go straight on towards Loudwater. This is dangerous and does not allow for a safe ride at this junction.

One part of Hughenden Boulevard (by the housing) has a cycle path, but for some reason not the stretch between Morrison’s and Hughenden Av.

Path too narrow for cycles, already marked no cycling but people cycle on it. Riding fast and almost touching pedestrians as they pass. Also ride on dirt path that is marked no cycles, that path not wide enough for two people walking much l ... [more]

Very poor surface for cycling. Needs fixing

Cycleway is in dire need of resurfacing

Fast traffic on this road. Enclosed cycleway needed. Lots of room on verges for this.

Add a pavement / cycle way between Daws Hill Lane and Heath End Road to allow walking and cycling from Daws Hill Lane to Flackwell Heath

Dedicated cycleway between Danesfield school and Marlow Town Centre on Henley Rd.

Should start a cyclepath here that links across lower Rye by park to town centre and current shared pathway by Wycombe Abbey. Should also link it to Wye Dene with ‘be aware -cyclist’ signs as these backroad junctions are taken quickly b ... [more]

Cycling should be permitted and cycle parking is needed near entrance to Tesco

Cyclists should be permitted to cycle throughout the pedestrianised areas.

Shared cycleway with pedestrians would be beneficial along London Rd

Separate cycleway, away from pedestrians, dog walkers, school traffic...Also need enough room under trees to avoid ducking

Footpath should be re-opened to provide easier route towards town.

Widen pavement and slow traffic. Popular area for eating out ruined by busy road

This should be a cycleway, going all the way to Bourne End along old railway as a safe leisure route

In addition to a modal filter to stop this being a rat run, the narrowing speed tables do not feature a bypass for cyclists.. This road needs to be made slower, one way, and blocked off halfway to prevent rat running.

An Eastern entrance/exit from the train station is required for cyclists who may find Birdcage Walk too narrow.

This needs to be made a cycleway to enable safe access to the train station from the East of town. It is a footpath now but with vegetation clearance, better lighting, widening it can be for cyclists too.

Cycling is only allowed on some Rye paths, should be extended to cover more of them

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